RIP Value World


North of the Midtown boom, and across from the original edge city of New Center, prominently facing Woodward Avenue, there lies a hidden gem in plain sight: Value World. Start to finish, shopping at Value World is a pleasant experience, filled with fun encounters. On more than one occasion, strangers have offered me their coveted 50% Off coupons, usually found in the Metro Times’ newsprint or via Value World’s email list.

Shopping with a 50% Off coupon is magical, and it being the gift of a fellow shopper engenders a kinship of community shopping, looking out for each other, and for the best deals. Every time I visit Value World, there have been friendly cashiers that take extra care to double bag your purchases (which is helpful when you’re taking the bus), and ask you about your day. It might seem like a small gesture to some, but it’s not like that in some major cities. I met a cashier glowing with pride over her daughters who are cheerleaders at the University of Michigan, and another woman who gave me endless recipe ideas when I purchased a few large stock pots.

Value World isn’t trying to be fancy — it’s a place to find a huge selection of secondhand items for a low price while you groove to some R&B hits playing in the background (specifically the song “Nobody” by Kem, which seems to play every other song). If you’re looking for some funky vintage, one of a kind secondhand home items, or just inspiration from wandering around an old thrift shop, check out Value World.

A Note To Our Readers

In the first few years of this magazine, we've already seen a number of featured businesses come and go, but nothing of Value World's caliber in the hearts of Detroiters. We wanted to highlight this piece from Grand Circus IV that chronicled a special store before its doors lock for the last time.