Recommended: Paczki Day

Photography by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit's most important holiday is upon us. Here's our list of some of the best venues to grip the traditional Polish confection.


The Family Donut Shop

Featuring comfort over aesthetics and a steady stream of regulars, The Family Donut Shop is a cozy social scene on any regular day. Beyond Paczki Day, get here for some burek — tastes just like the old country. 
11300 Conant St. Hamtramck

New Martha Washington Bakery

Another Hamtramck staple operating with a room-sized oven, New Martha Washington is right on the strip, where the lines are long and the confections are big. Although the historic facade was damaged by a tornado twenty years ago, the interior is like a blast from the past.
10335 Joseph Campau Ave. Hamtramck


New Palace Bakery

Also situated right on Joseph Campau, New Palace is the real deal; it's like the Lafayette of jelly donuts. This century-old institution actually offers paczki throughout the year, but we cannot condone eating them on a summer's day.  
9833 Joseph Campau Ave. Hamtramck

West Warren Baking Company

Outside of Hamtramck, in the city proper, you can find a good paczek at the European-styled West Warren Bakery. Bonus: the lines are way more manageable. 
15708 W. Warren Ave. Far West Side

Supreme Bakery

For those passionate about this baker's holiday, a trip down to Southwest isn't out of the question — especially when the destination in question is Supreme Bakery.
5401 Proctor St. Southwest