Personal Space

Written by Morgan Meis

Human beings have bodies. These bodies have physical boundaries: skin, bones, flesh. But there are other sorts of boundaries, harder to define. We experience these boundaries when a stranger stands just a little too close and we have the sudden urge to back up half a step. Or we’re sitting near an old friend who suddenly grabs our hand and squeezes, re-forging an intimacy deeper than any words could capture. Closeness, distance, contact, separation, intimacy, these are the orienting concepts for Personal Space, an exciting new show opening at Public Pool on March 11th, 2017. 

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Personal Space has been more than a year in the making and is a collaboration between Grand Circus Magazine, an ambitious magazine of culture and urbanism in Detroit, and curator Isabella Achenbach. Grand Circus will publish a special section of its magazine (Issue 5, Spring 2017) dedicated to the Personal Space exhibit.

Artists in the show include Bryan Corley, Cupetelli & Mendoza, Olayami Dabls, Alexandre da Veiga, Jessica Frelinghuysen, Bree Gant, Chido Johnson, Scott Northrup, Russ Orlando, Senghor Reid, Chloe Sells, Clinton Snider, Corine Vermeulen, Carl Wilson, and Shirley Woodson. There will be work in two and three-dimensions, performances, and interactive installations.

This is a show that will make viewers laugh, play, empathize, wonder, question, and even kiss! 

Personal Space opens from 7-11pm on March 11 at Public Pool: 3309 Caniff Avenue, Hamtramck, MI 48212 and then every Saturday from 1-6pm through April 22nd. Press inquiries should be directed to or Isabella Achenbach ( Further information about Personal Space can be found at the Facebook page here. Public Pool’s website is


Public Pool


Where —

3309 Caniff Street

When —

March 11, 2017

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