Recommended: AM 580

Written by joseph wojtowicz — photo by chris & michelle gerard

Cruise down I-75, the Lodge, up-and-down Woodward — tunes on the speaker are way more crucial than a tune-up on your whip. Maybe on the way to the club you gotta turn the dial to Hot 107.5, and when you’re giving Pops a lift to the pharmacy, he wants to jam out to some garbage on The River. So you’re living in THE Motor City and you wanna hear golden oldies played the way they should be heard like on a scratchy ole turntable? Fortune be your lady!


Our fair-weathered Canucks across the pond got their amplitude modulation game on point. Slap the dial to AM 580 to take a trip through time with obscure Motown grooves, set your alarm early Sunday morn’ and have “Breakfast with the Beatles,” remember all those good times with the late Casey Kasem on O.G. broadcasts of American Top 40. Grab a transistor radio (or a Bluetooth speaker, I guess) and camp out on Belle Isle with The Beach Boys singing about all the babes there, lose your paycheck at Motor City Casino and hear some sad old ballad while you roll out of the structure.