Uptown & the Avenue of Fashion

Bagley is a neighborhood in Northwest Detroit bounded by West Outer Drive to the north, Livernois Avenue to the east, Six Mile Road to the south, and Wyoming Avenue to the west. With 11,621 people, it is the fifth-largest neighborhood in the city. This neighborhood’s eastern boundary is the Avenue of Fashion, the historic hub of Detroit’s apparel industry.

Bagley borders the neighborhoods of Fitzgerald, Martin Park, Sherwood Forest, and University District. 



Tom’s Tavern — 10093 W Seven Mile

Tom’s is that west side bungalow-dive with a really good jukebox known for being an old Purple Gang hangout. Take a seat, soak in some of Ron’s stories about the old days, and — that slightly inclined floor might make you think you’re more drunk than you are.




Lou's Deli — 8220 W. McNichols

Lou's Deli is 6 Mile spot that's been stacking sandwiches for decades. They take a great deal of pride in making their homemade delights with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Stopping in is like turning back the hands of time: old fashioned quality at old fashioned prices.



The Stevie Wonder Home — 18074 Greenlawn

According to Belle Isle to 8 Mile, Motown founder Berry Gordy wanted his stars to live in upscale neighborhoods, so he helped Stevie Wonder and family move into this home on Greenlawn. If these walls could talk, they'd probably tell young Stevie Wonder to chill with the harmonica, already. 




Kutt It Out — 17377 Livernois

A stand-out shop in a city filled to the brim with master barbers.



Sherwood Forest Branch — 7117 W Seven Mile

The Sherwood Forest branch was established in 1942, with the present building opening on February 20, 1951. The branch was named for an adjacent area of the city, which, in turn, was named for the forest in Nottinghamshire, the legendary realm of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.




Photography by Ali Lapetina